Using the Group Products Command in Microvellum

Using the Group Products Command in Microvellum

Group Products Command

Using the "Group Products" command allows you to save multiple products together that you can then add to other projects. The command will remember how the products were positioned and draw them back the same way. Any prompt changes or modifications made to the products will also be saved with the product group.

After selecting this command, select the products in the drawing that you want to save together. In addition to products, you can also select walls drawn in the drawing to save with the product group. You will then need to select a base point for this product group. This point will be used as the insertion point when you are drawing this product group back into a drawing. The product group's window will be displayed where you can give this product group a name.

To draw a product group into the drawing, select the "Product Groups" tab while in the "Draw Products" section. Select the product group you want to draw and right-click. The only placement method for drawing a product group is to pick a point in the drawing. Before the product is drawn, you must enter a rotation angle. This will rotate the entire product group to the angle you specify. The right-click context menu will also allow you to delete the product group that is currently selected.

Create a Product Group

  1. Draw the products to be grouped.

  2. Fig. 01 – Products, and Wall, to be Grouped

  3. Select “Modify > Modify Products > Group Products.” 
  4. Select all of the products to be included in the group.
  5. Select the base point of the new product group.
  6. Give the product group an identifiable name.

  7. Fig. 02 – Enter New Product Group Name

Draw a Product Group

  1. Navigate to "Draw > Draw Products" and select the "Product Groups" tab.  

  2. Fig. 03 – Product Groups Location in Draw

  3. Right-click the product group to be drawn and select "Add Product Group to Project."
  4. Place the product at the desired location in the drawing window.
  5. Enter the desired rotation value.

Other Options

Right-click the product group of your choice, from within the Draw tab, to view additional options.

Fig. 04 – Other Options for Product Groups
  1. Delete Selected Product Group – Select this to delete a product group permanently.
  2. Rename Product Group – Select this option to rename a product group.
  3. Add Image to Product Group – Select this option to add an image to a product group. The image will be displayed beneath the list of product groups, within the Draw tab, while the correct product group is selected.  

  4. Fig. 05 – Product Groups tab with Image Added
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