Angled Cabinet Left and Right Sides

Angled Cabinet Left and Right Sides

I know there are transition cabinets, diagonal cabinets and rear modifications to chamfer the back corners of cabinets. But what we have is open cabinets where the sides are angled outwards (where the back is narrower then the front) and various included angles, for example a 10° included angle. And the other conditions is where one side standard at 90° and the other is say 15° (See below)

Is there something relative close and easier to modify in MV? And I'm sure you could somehow fumble through it via SMA ... but would like all the standard cabinet tokens/constructions instead of make (24) different cabinets.

This is an example of what I mean:

The magenta would be top, bottom and fixed shelf that I just faked in for a example.

Any input or insight would be GREAT!

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