Creating Custom Associative Hardware in Foundation vs Component

Creating Custom Associative Hardware in Foundation vs Component

I've yet to dive into adding custom associative hardware in the Foundation library. In a previous post of mine I asked if the hardware in the Foundation is able to be imported into the Component Library accurately - which it cannot. But that did bring up the questions, "Are they not able to be imported because the process for adding/drawing hardware is different? Or is it more just the formulas that are different?"

Let me back up a bit on what I'm actually looking for... I need to create an SOP on adding new custom hardware with associative machining. I have the system down for doing that in the Component Library but I just want to verify that the process isn't any different from the Component to the Foundation before I start documenting things and find out later the entire process is different.

If the process is the same as it's always been, but it's just formulas that are different, then I'm good to proceed. If not, then I need to take the time (which is hard to come by presently) to learn the new process in the Foundation.

Any help/advice from others who have had to do this in the Foundation Library would be extremely helpful.

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