Scrap management

Scrap management

We have just started using the scrap feature of the software. Our machine has an auto loader for the sheet goods. The operator is having a tough time because when we process a job the scrap pieces are mixed in with all the full size sheets (no logical order). Ideally all the scrap would be listed at the end of the job. So cut all your full sheets first, then mess around with the different sizes at the end.
Anyone know of a way to achieve this?

Also, on the composite drawing scrap is clearly marked with scrap and the location where to find it. BUT, This information is missing on the printed nested sheets from the optimization report. 

One other issue I found was that scrap was automatically assigned a priority of 1. I couldn't find a setting to change this. Seems like the only way to get it to use the scrap is to change every material in your DB to have a priority of 2. 

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