The Foundation Library – A Unified Library Data Structure for All

The Foundation Library – A Unified Library Data Structure for All

For the last year or so, we have been working hard to develop a new library data structure to replace the cabinet libraries used by clients in various regions of the world. The vision of this initiative was to create a unified dataset that would enable us to streamline our capacity to support, maintain, and provide a better path for expansion.

After a lengthy beta cycle, today, we are happy to announce that the first official build of our new Foundation Library is ready for release.


  • A unified dataset that enables our development team to align their efforts behind one foundation, delivering better stability, faster turn-around times on new features or improvements, and better capacity for expansions into other markets utilizing the power of our library data.
  • As a result of this massive simplification and consolidation of our library data, we expect to see significant reduction in library data related support issues.
  • Improves our ability for simultaneous deployments of library data to all regions.
  • We now have a path to develop a single “international” dataset that is available for everyone.
  • Now that our development efforts are aligned behind a single foundation, users will benefit from more consistent library data documentation, videos, and communication.

Video Overview

Access to this new Foundation Library is available to all Microvellum users with active support and maintenance. 

Continued Development & Future Expansions

It is our long-term strategic plan to have a single, new “flagship” product library – a data structure that will be a starting point for users grow their own data and “bolt on” additional products, hardware, and other expansion packs that append to or provide additional capabilities. 

With that said, you may find that this library is missing some features that your current library has such as face frame and closet products, or other specific features to existing products. Not to worry though, our development within this new dataset is continuing forward. We’re just getting started and we have a lengthy road map of us full of ideas and plans for additional products and capabilities including face frames, closets, more office furniture products, and more hardware.        


We hope that you share in our excitement for this new Foundation Library release and our vision for creating a more unified, expandable library framework. We thrive on your feedback, so please keep the door of communication open. If you have thoughts, ideas or comments related to your experience with this library, we’d love to hear from you. If you would like to learn more about this library and how you might benefit from it, or if you would like to arrange for some services to help you integrate it, we encourage you to reach out to your Account Manager.

- Microvellum Product Management Team

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