Imports the objects in a PDF file or an attached PDF underlay from the command line. 

Options are provided for selecting either a PDF underlay or for specifying a file. 

The following prompts are displayed: 
  1. File - Opens a standard file selection dialog box, in which you can specify a PDF file. If the FILEDIA system variable is changed from 1 to 0, the dialog box is replaced by a command line prompt to enter the file name. 
    1. Enter Page Number - Enter a page number. For a list of pages, enter ?. 
    2. Enter Page(s) to List <*> - Lists the pages available in the PDF file in a separate text window. 
    3. Insertion Point - Specifies the insertion point for the PDF file. 
    4. Scale Factor - Specifies the scale factor of the imported PDF data and the scale factor units. 
    5. Importing a page from a PDF file does not use the setting of the INSUNITS system variable. 
    6. Rotation - Specifies the rotation angle of the imported PDF data. 
  2. Select PDF Underlay - Imports part or all of an attached PDF underlay as AutoCAD objects. The following options are displayed. 
    1. Specify first corner, Specify opposite corner - Prompts for the diagonal corners of a rectangular crossing area. Any objects crossing the specified area are imported. 
    2. Polygonal - Prompts for a polygonal crossing area defined by at least three points to specify the objects to be imported. 
    3. All - Selects all objects within the selected PDF underlay to be imported. 
    4. Settings - Opens the PDF Import Settings dialog box. 
    5. Keep, Detach or Unload PDF underlay? - Determines what to do with the selected PDF underlay after importing the specified objects. The Keep option leaves the PDF underlay unchanged; the Detach option removes the PDF underlay; and the Unload option temporarily hides the attached PDF. 
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