Toolbox Release Notes | Build 23.1.0605.641

Toolbox Release Notes | Build 23.1.0605.641

Report Groups Fix 

  1. A fix has been made to resolve an issue that reportedly caused errors when report groups attempted to print manually.  

Fixes and Additions to Part Properties

Toolbox Console->Part Properties/Toolbox Setup->Options
  1. 2D drawing tokens have been modified to no longer inherit the last entered value in part properties.  
  2. A reported error that would occur if a user deleted the [END] prompt and tried to add a new token has been isolated and fixed.  
  3. Users received an error when attempting to add a visible or invisible prompt with illegal characters, or the prompt would simply not define. The software now replaces any illegal characters with underscores and successfully defines the prompt. 
Figure 1: Illegal Character Replacement Feature
  1. Newly added tokens will now always be added above the [END]. 
  2. Part properties will now correctly display subassemblies with their own specific hardware.  
  3. An issue has been resolved that caused 2D section drawings to be deleted when editing certain formulas and redrawing the product via part properties. 
  4. A new setting within Options has been added, called “Load All Subassemblies”. Turning this setting off will speed up part properties, as it does not load subassemblies not currently in use.  
Figure 2: Load All Subassemblies Option

  1. Turning off the "Load All Subassemblies" setting in Options will cause the software to only load subassemblies with a quantity > 0: 
Figure 3: Off: In-Use Subassemblies
  1. Turning on the "Load All Subassemblies" setting will cause the software to load ALL subassemblies, regardless of whether they're currently in use or not. 

Figure 4: On: All Subassemblies Loaded

Processing Center Overhaul

Toolbox Console->Create New Work Order/Create New Work Order From Drawing/Edit Existing Work Order->Processing Center
  1. Certain areas within the processing center have had the option to increase/decrease the min/max UI size.
  2. Resolved an issue that caused orphaned activity stations if the category they existed in was deleted.  
  3. Removed 2 deprecated buttons in the processing center: 
  1. Make Metafiles of Part Labels (this feature was deemed unnecessary; the code was outdated and rarely used). 
Figure 5: Make Metafiles of Part Labels (Obsoleted)
  1. Make New G-code From Batch Drawings (Users are advised to utilize “Create New G-code” from 2D Machining Tools instead.)
Figure 6: Make New G-Code from Batch Drawings (Obsoleted)
  1. “View Single Part G-code Results” is now using the correct WMF image to display the part and “Remake DXF Pictures” should now function as expected after making any changes: 
Figure 7: View Single Part G-Code Results
  1. An issue preventing “View Single Part G-code Results” from working properly if users were setup with a Unified Work Order Database has been resolved.
  2. Multiple areas have been edited to improve grammar and spelling.  

Expansion on Event Log Descriptions

  1. Error messages displaying during the processing of work orders were deemed to be too vague, lacking sufficient detail to assist in resolving the problem. Expansions have been made to specify. Examples would include:
  1. “There are no drills with a compatible diameter.” 
  2. “There are no drills that can reach the hole.” 
  3. “The part does not fit within the center percentage region.” 
  4. “The route is invalid.” 
  5. There have been additions made to the error messages to give a greater degree of context to the problems the program is encountering. Along with adding more detail to existing messages, additional IPP errors were integrated into the event log so that users are better informed during processing.   

Associative Machining Disappearance 

  1. Resolved a recent issue that caused associative machining to disappear for some parts if certain machine points were being used.  

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