Panel edge bore and routing

Panel edge bore and routing

Hi all,

New user and first time poster so please be gentle 😁

The first major hurdle I have become faced with, is how to get a hardware associative machine token to work on a panel edge, not face 5 or 6.

To put in context, I'm embarking on implementing concealed 'drilled in' push to open door catches into our library. It's easy enough creating the hardware and token, but near on impossible to get it to work on a panel edge.

I have considered using an associative bore token like with cams, but here the panels have to touch which is simply not possible since there needs to be a 3mm min gap from door to cabinet for the catch to work. Plus this would mean having the tokens in the main product whereas it would be preferable to have the catches in the sub assy finish face.

It has made me think to further down the line, how to achieve panel edge routes for things like Soss type hinges as I can't fathom how these route tokens could be achieved.

How does everyone else handle panel edge bore/routing as it seems MV is mainly tailored for nesting and three axis CNC machines? Or am I completely overlooking something that is staring me in the face ...


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