Reversing a vector formula for grain direction

Reversing a vector formula for grain direction

We are running a custom library of products, and write new custom vector formulas daily. The panels that we are working on need to be able to be switched between horizontal and vertical grain. This causes us to write the vector formula twice. one version for horizontal grain, and another version for vertical grain. some of these vector formulas can end up being over 4 pages of text long due to the complexity of the lines. It would be very beneficial to be able to have a function that reverses the x and y values of a vector formula so that the formula does not have to be written for both situations.

For example: VECTORS(PNT(1,2,3),PNT(4,5,6),PNT(7,8,9)) would be reversed to VECTORS(PNT(2,1,3),PNT(5,4,6),PNT(8,7,9)).

the function could work similarly to this: REVERSEVECTORS(VECTORS(PNT(1,2,3),PNT(4,5,6),PNT(7,8,9)))VECTORS(PNT(2,1,3),PNT(5,4,6),PNT(8,7,9))

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