Microvellum Saw Connections (Reference)

Microvellum Saw Connections (Reference)

This article contains the current list of Microvellum beam saw connections as of February 5, 2020. It will be updated as new connections are created.

Saw Brand Specific Notes

Included in the documentation are samples of each Saw “Output Type.” When you are connecting to a machine, compare the samples to saw code that is currently working on that saw. Some saw code will not match our output because those saw brands or controllers require a secondary software to convert our files into a specific format for that machine.


If the controller is OSI, then the Optiplanning XML output file is preferred. This requires the purchase of the XML Link from Biesse.

If not using the OSI controller, you can use the CPOUT file format. This requires the purchase of CP Link from Biesse.

Supported Saws:

WN600, WNT600, WNTR600, WNV600, WNA600SS, WNAR600SS, WNAV600SS, WNARV600SS, WNA600SL, WNAR600SL, EB108, EBT108, EBTR108, EB120, EBT120, EBTR120, EB108TP, EBT108TP, EBTR108TP, EB120TP, EBT120TP, EBTR120TP, EB70, EB80, EB100, EB75, EB95, WN750, WNT750, WNTR750, SEKTOR400, WN750TP, WNT750TP, WNTR750TP, WN730, WNT730, WNTR730, WN730TP, WNT730TP, WNTR730TP, WN710, WNT710, WNTR710, WN710TP, WNT710TP, WNTR710TP, SELCO

For Biesse saws that are not included in the list above, use CPOUT or CPOUT Enhanced.


For saws using the MaestroCut controller software:
  • Use MaestroCut XML output type.
For saws Using the MaestroActive controller software:
  • Use the MaestroCut XML output type and also install our MastroActive encryption plugin.

The encryption plugin can be downloaded here.


WinCut Version 5 uses the Sigma90 output File. WinCut version 12 uses the Sigma WinCut 12 output file. Any other version of WinCut requires investigation by development to verify compatibility.


CutRite V7.1 and lower has one option: (CadLink is not available):
  1. Customer needs CutRite with HolzLink, or Cut Rite key with Microvellum Generated optimized CPOUT file.
CutRite V8.0 and above has three options:
  1. Customer needs CadLink software installed on the saw for direct import via Microvellum generated optimized PTX file. This is dependent on the saw’s computer OS…XP and above in most cases.
  2. Customer needs CutRite with HolzLink or Cut Rite key to import Microvellum generated optimized PTX file.
  3. Customer optimizes with CutRite via Microvellum generated PTX file (Parts list and Board list)
Customers with HolzLink who wish to switch to CadLink should note: HolzLink keys work for any number of saws, CadLink requires a key for each saw.


CPOUT File type. Requires the use of Optilink to translate the CPOUT into the saw file format.


Use the Schelling output type if optimizing in Schelling’s HPO Software. Use PRV for an optimized file to import into the saw.

Additional Information

We have attached a set of sample files for each output type to this article that demonstrates the format of the file, and some of the necessary data in the file. Use it to quickly and easily determine where certain information is being populated in the output file.

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