Sawing Processing Station Controls and Settings

Sawing Processing Station Controls and Settings

The Files & Pictures tab contains file path location settings as well as image settings for part and label images.

The Saw tab contains settings for optimization and saw operation.

  1. Parameters – Allows you to set and adjust the parameters based on preference and machine limitations.
  2. Strategy – Allows you to adjust the optimization of parts to reduce the number of cuts or maximize the number of parts placed on a sheet of material.
  3. Cut Preference – Allows you to control rip and cross-cut operations, as well as the number of times a piece of material can be cut rotated, then re-cut.
  4. Saw Axis Type –This parameter is not used at this time; the setting should be left at “Not Specified.”
  5. Rounding – Allows you to set the rounding accuracy for part sizes.

  1. Part Information Placement – Allows you to control where the part information text will be placed.
  2. Perfect Grain – Allows you to control whether parts will be grouped for separate operations or attempt to be placed on a sheet with other parts.
  3. Output Parameters – Allows you to set the parameters for machine code output.

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