My Cases: Case Details

My Cases: Case Details

Once you've logged into the Cases Portal and navigated to the My Cases area, simply click on the case title to access the case details page. Here, you can thoroughly review the case description, append additional comments, upload attachments, and peruse the responses provided by our support agents.

The following is a definition for each user action contained within the case details area.  
  1. Action Bar – The action bar is located at the top of the page and contains multiple ways for you to control the status of your case: 
    1. Mark as Resolved – Allows users to change the status of a case to Resolved. Utilizing this feature will transition cases from the "Active" status to "Solved". Cases with the status of "Resolved" will be retained in the case log history and can be reopened if needed.
    2. Reopen Case – Allows users to reopen cases that were previously closed. Opting for this choice will change the case status from "Resolved" to "In Queue". 
    3. Cancel Case – Allows users to cancel previously submitted cases. Canceled cases cannot be reopened or edited, but they do remain in your support case history for reference.
    4. Return to Cases – Clicking this option will return you to the My Cases area.
  2. Comments area – Support case comments are additional pieces of information, updates, or responses added to a support case or ticket by clients or the support team as they work towards resolving cases. These comments provide a way for clients and the support team to communicate with each other, ensuring that everyone involved has the latest information and context about the case. 
    1. Use the rich text editor to respond to our support agents using common text formatting tools such as bold or italic font, strike-through text, hyperlinks, bullets, numbering, code blocks, blockquotes, and horizontal dividers. 
    2. Upload attachments – Support case attachments are files or documents attached to a support case or ticket, serving the purpose of providing additional information, context, or evidence relevant to the reported issue. These attachments can encompass a wide range of file types, such as screenshots, images, log files, tool files, documents, videos, and more. To learn more about uploading attachments, go to: Uploading Attachments to Support Cases.
    3. Submit Comment – When you're ready, click the Submit Comment button to send your comments through to our support agents.
    4. Comment log – Each time you or our support agent makes a comment on a case it is stored within the comprehensive, chronological comment log.

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