Project Properties and User Defined Project Properties (UDPP)

Overview: Project Wizard - Project Properties & User Defined Project Properties (UDPP)

Microvellum software gives Users the ability to enter and display project-related information on their reports and AutoCAD blocks.  The interface used to enter this information is named Project Wizard or Project Setup.

It is a general term to describe the complete interface that includes several types of project data.  This article focused on two tabs of the Project Wizard, the first is Project Information, and the second is User Defined Project Properties.

Project Setup Window

One type of project data is included on the tab named Project Information.  This tab includes the following fields of information:

  1. Job Description
  2. Job Number
  3. Job Phone
  4. Job Fax
  5. Job E-Mail
  6. Job Address
  7. General Contact
  8. Contractor
  9. Architect
  10. Estimator
  11. Scheduled Start Date
  12. Scheduled Completion Date
  13. Project Manager
  14. Draftsman
  15. Is Inactive
  16. Project Budget

This list of fields above is static and cannot be modified or expanded.  Visit our Project Properties article for more detailed information about this list.  

We recognize that most Microvellum Users need to display customized project information on their reports from time to time.  For that reason, a second type of data is included in the Project Wizard on a tab named “User Defined Project Properties” (UDPP).  The information on this tab is fully customizable and can be increased or decreased as needed.

Currently, the UDPP ships with the following fields:

  1. Addendum
  2. Conditions
  3. Date of Drawings / Rev. #
  4. Exclusions
  5. Scope of Services
  6. Terms

This list is a core and provides an example for expansion.  These existing properties can be deleted or modified as needed.  Please see the following tutorial for more information on creating or modifying User Defined Project Properties.

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