Stimulsoft DLL Configuration with Toolbox AC

Stimulsoft DLL Configuration with Toolbox AC

This document explains the steps required for the “Unexpected Stimulsoft references found” message.   


Why do I see this message?

Microvellum resolved an issue that previously caused these files to become dislocated from the intended folder.

How do I resolve this message?

This message informs the user that Toolbox AC requires “elevated user privileges” or must “manually delete all Stimulsoft assemblies.” This notification is intentional and requires a one-time configuration, as instructed below. Failure to configure these files will cause reports to be unusable in Toolbox AC.

Elevate user privileges (Two options)

  1. Close Toolbox AC, right-click the AutoCAD shortcut icon, and select “Run as administrator.”


  1. If you see the message, “Unexpected Stimulsoft references found” again, continue to step two or manually delete all the Stimulsoft assemblies as instructed further below.
  2. Higher Toolbox software permissions are required and granted by your user account administrator. For more information about Microsoft user account permissions, click here.

Manually delete Stimulsoft assemblies

Delete these files (as shown below) by following the file path provided in the notification.  Deleting these files is necessary and may require elevated user account privileges (as mentioned in step two).

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