Streamlined Label and Report Data Proccessing

Streamlined Label and Report Data Processing

We have streamlined the way information for labels and reports is processed to improve accuracy and efficiency.  Part image rotation, filenames, barcodes, edge boring(Hbore), and edgebanding location data are all now accessed from the  OptimizationResults table directly.  This means you will no longer need part transformation functions to accurately display data on Microvellum generated part labels and reports. 

Update Existing Labels and Reports

After updating to build 21.1.0604.641, your existing labels and reports may need to be updated by following the steps below.
Be sure to save a copy of your report or label before making any changes. 
The following steps require some prior knowledge and experience modifying reports. Click here to learn more about working with reports.

First, set your labels and reports to look directly to the  OptimizationResults table for the part information fields listed below:

Updated Formula

Prior Part Transformation Reference





























Sometimes, images were referenced to OptimizationResults.Parts.WMFStream and conditions were set to control the rotation of the image.  Those rotations are no longer needed.


Next, verify that your filenames, barcodes, edgebanding, hbore, and image formulas are referencing the correct table data.  If they need to be updated, replace the entry with the updated formula above.  For example, replace  {MVEdgeBandLeftRotated(...)} with {OptimizationResults.EBLeftRotated}.

Image Condition

Check the Properties | Conditions of all images and remove all conditions.  If there are multiple images that were used to handle multiple rotations, remove all but one of those images.

Databand Events

Finally, and only when using Face6 images or filenames, c heck the Properties | Events of all databands.  Assuming that the Name of the Face6 image is Image2, make the following changes to the Before Print Event:

IF OptimizationResults.Face6Barcode<>"" THEN

For assistance making modifications to your labels, contact your account manager.
Download the MicrovellumFactory.sdf database file attached to this article for newly updated default Labels and Reports. Import using Database Management.

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