Toolbox Release Notes | Build 21.1.0714.641

Toolbox Release Notes | Build 21.1.0714.641

The following Release Notes apply to Toolbox Build 21.1.0714.641

Include Routes in Borders (IRIB)

Improvements have been made to the Include Routes in Borders (IRIB) functionality of Toolbox.   This means increased accuracy and faster processing of some parts with IRIB, especially parts created with the Solid Model Analyzer (SMA).

  1. Resolved an issue where IRIB was incorrectly processing parts created with SMA.
  2. Resolved an issue causing long wait times or freezing when analyzing profiles in the SMA template. 
  3. Resolved an issue where IRIB would not process correctly when the first lead-out vector of a route was less than .5mm.
  4. Resolved an issue where Trim External Vectors was missing changes in vectors on routes with multiple z values.
  5. Resolved an issue where setting a Premill would interfere with IRIB processing.
  6. Resolved an issue where dado machining processed with IRIB changed from a double pass to a single for some lead-in/out values.
  7. Resolved an issue when True Shape was set above 40%, IRIB would process even when turned OFF.
  8. Resolved the issues that were causing parts to have a slight rotation in both the 2D and nest patterns.
    1. Important Note: With these changes, some parts may appear to be machined or rotated differently when compared to previous builds. These changes are intentional and in most cases, now correct. 
    2. Important Note: To take advantage of the improvements that fix slightly rotated parts, you will need to reanalyze the 3D model where that originated.
  9. Resolved issues that were degrading the accuracy of 2D part machining and nest optimization results.
    1. Important Note : In some cases, especially when an arc is needed on a corner, you may experience and issue where IRIB cannot properly negotiate the part border polyline correctly. This is an issue that you may not experience, but if you do, please know that we are actively working to resolve it.

Report Data Processing

  1. We have streamlined the way part image, filename, barcode, edge boring (Hbore), and edgebanding location information for labels and reports is processed to improve accuracy and efficiency. This means you will no longer need part transformation functions to accurately display data on Microvellum generated part labels and reports. After updating to build 21.1.0714.641, your existing labels and reports may need to be updated. Learn more

  1. Resolved an issue where label rotation was incorrect after updating or creating new g-code from drawing. 
  2. Resolved an issue where label images were created with edgeband lines in the wrong position.
  3. Resolved an issue when a perfectly square part was rotated in the initial processing of a work order, the part would not be rotated after using the Update/Create new g-code from drawing button.
  4. Resolved an issue where a part with a machine point that was rotated did not orient horizontal drilling correctly.

Tool File UI

  1. Moved Barbaric, Homag Woodstore, and Schelling material handling types from Auto Labeling Type to a new Material Management Type drop-down selection in the IPP settings of the Tool File user interface.

Selection of a Material Management Type will set the Auto Labeling Type to none.  After setting a Material Management Type on an updated station, older versions of Toolbox reading the same tool file will not handle materials as intended.  It is recommended that all stations sharing the same tool file be running the same software version.

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