Toolbox Release Notes | Build 21.1.0827.641

Toolbox Release Notes | Build 21.1.0827.641

The following Release Notes apply to Toolbox Build 21.1.0827.641


  1. Modified the "Product Cost Details" command.  The Estimate Price will now access the database value for sheet stock, solid stock, buyout, edge band, and hardware materials instead of the spreadsheet value which is no longer updated.  The Estimate Price from the sheet with the highest optimization priority is used.  If there are multiple sheets with the same priority, the lowest estimate price is used.
  2. Note: After updating, make sure to review and update your Material Estimate Pricing to ensure accurate Product Cost Details.

User Interface

  1. Added the "Event Log Properties" user interface for the management of event log records. See Event Log Properties for more information.

  1. The database is no longer queried upon launching the Event Logs dialog. To see events, filters need to be set and “Apply Filters” selected.
  2. Updated the module listing in the "About Microvellum" user interface to accurately reflect available Software Features.


  1. Resolved an issue where router machining was offsetting twice for Left or Right Compensation when Force Diameter Offset was checked and there was machining on both faces of the part.

2D Drawing

  1. Resolved an issue where hardware with a quantity of 0 would be deleted when drawing a part in 2D.
  2. Resolved an issue where an incorrect workbook was set when deleting hardware after a Single Part Editor update.

Machine Tokens

  1. Resolved an issue with the HWR hardware token where quantities were not being applied correctly to hardware items if the quantity of the product, part, subassembly, or nested subassembly was greater than 1. 

Processing Center

  1. Modified the Load Parts by Material functionality so the grid is no longer reloaded when "Cancel" is selected from the material selection dialog.
  2. Modified the work order creation name parameter so trailing spaces are omitted from the name before the work order is created.
  1. Resolved an issue where Product Labels were not hidden in the report list of the Processing Center when "Hide in Report List" was selected in the report options. 


  1. Resolved an issue where changing the Qty of Adjustable Shelves using the Shelf Spacing calculator and saving to "Subassembly Only" would save changes to the Project-Level.
  2. Resolved an issue where prompts did not get updated correctly when using the "Equal" checkbox in the Subassembly Prompts Custom Calculator.

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